Building a Foundation of Equal Justice

Thanks to the loyal support and generosity of our donors, more Coloradans receive the legal help they need to protect themselves and their families.  View an electronic version of the newly released 2014-15 Annual Report – Building a Foundation of Equal Justice.

Dear Friends,

The concept of equal justice is a relatively simple one.  It’s grounded in American democracy, and embedded in the values of our Constitution.  Ensuring justice for all, however, is anything but simple.  Thankfully, here in Colorado, there are people like you who help.

Although you don’t go to work every day in a hardhat, you are integral to building a foundation of equal justice in our state.  Just as surely as bricks and mortar transform architectural drawings into new buildings, your commitment to legal aid and your generosity transform equal justice from an aspiration to a practical reality for thousands of low income Coloradans.

As highlighted in these pages, that practical reality is compelling.  Thanks to your support, parents are better able to feed their children, and families to keep their homes; seniors and people living with disabilities receive necessary healthcare; veterans access the services they’ve earned; and victims of domestic violence realize an economically-sustainable future free from abuse.

Thank you for your commitment to equal justice and for your continued support.  We are deeply grateful, as are all those you help us serve.

– Jessica Brown, Board of Trustees Chair, Legal Aid Foundation

– Jonathan D. Asher, Executive Director, Colorado Legal Services

– Diana M. Poole, Executive Director, Legal Aid Foundation.