Game Changers: Investing in Solutions

The Legal Aid Foundation’s 2012-13 Annual Report report is now available here. Thank you to all of our generous supporters!

Game changers are those who, through their leadership and commitment, transform a situation.  They look at a crisis and see not only danger, but opportunity.  They aren’t just dreamers, they are doers.

When it comes to justice, every one of you is a game changer.

Through your support of the Legal Aid Foundation, you are investing in solutions – game changing solutions – for low income Coloradans.

Rather than providing temporary beds, your contributions saved homes by preventing wrongful evictions and foreclosures.

Rather than stocking a food bank, your generosity provided long term economic security and stability for families bankrupted by medical bills or cheated by unscrupulous opportunists.

Rather than staffing an emergency shelter, your commitment freed people from a continuing lifetime of abuse.

For the hundreds of Coloradans who are facing a life crisis of some sort every day, the most powerful and effective response often includes legal assistance – and, by supporting the Legal Aid Foundation, you make that happen.

In this time of great need and scarce resources, you stepped up in record numbers and at record levels to invest in helping low income Coloradans solve their legal problems.

On behalf of all those whose lives you’ve changed, thank you!