$1.5 Million Raised for Legal Aid

The Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado raised a record $1.5 million in its annual fundraising drive for Colorado Legal Services. The funds will be used to provide necessary legal assistance in civil matters for low-income Coloradans who cannot afford counsel.

The Foundation’s remarkable success is a direct result of the ongoing commitment of lawyers and law firms across Colorado to improve access to our civil justice system. Law firm giving accounted for 65 percent of the total amount raised, with 114 donor firms giving at the Leadership Level of $400 per lawyer in the firm. The number of individual donors increased by over 20 percent, and a significant number of donors doubled the size of their gift this year to help meet the large need for access to civil justice.

The impressive results of this year’s Campaign also speak to exceptionally strong leadership on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and its newly-constituted Associates Advisory Board. Hugh Gottschalk of Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell was Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the 2012-13 Campaign, and the various fundraising committees were chaired by Charles Baker, John Barry, Jon Bender, Josh Berry, Jessica Brown, Pat Carrigan, Stanton Dodge, Robert Duncan, Chris Ford, Ed Gleason, Michael Goldman, Steve Gottesfeld, Dave Johnson, Mike Keating, John Keilbach, Chris McAnany, Kevin Rohnstock, Jon Steeler, Randy Williams, and Josh Zugish.

“The true heroes of our story are our donors because they step up generously year after year,” said Executive Director Diana Poole. “By investing in legal aid, they are helping low-income Coloradans solve their legal problems and avoid some of the most devastating effects of poverty and injustice.”

Colorado Legal Services is the only program in the state that provides free legal assistance (advice, brief service, and full representation) in civil matters to low-income individuals and families in every Colorado county. With 14 offices around the state, it operates like a legal emergency room, serving individuals and families at greatest risk and in greatest need. Even before the recession, the need for legal assistance among the poor outstripped available resources and now, with other funding cuts, generous private support for legal aid has never been more important.

About the Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado
The Legal Aid Foundation is the fundraising arm of Colorado Legal Services, which provides free civil legal assistance to low-income Coloradans who are facing serious civil legal problems. For more information, please visit legalaidfoundation.org.